Newsletter 122


The 2018-2019 Academic Year is drawing to a close and the 2019-2020 Academic Year will start at the beginning of February 2020. As of Monday December 16, 2019, registration will start for new Students. For the new year, we are opening registrations for the Faculty of Administration and Management. Professional Fields await the decision of the National Commission for Higher Education (CNES) which is still pending. In relation to this, we are at the stage of moping ourselves. Despite this, we are working to motivate potential students to come and attend our University. This year, we are offering special conditions for the fees. Thus, incentive measures have been taken. For high school Graduates with 70% or more in the National Exam, the First year will be free. That is, they will have earned 420,000 FBU for Health Sciences Faculty and 300,000 FBU for Administration and Management. For those who obtained between 60 and 69%, they will pay 50% of the fees, that is to say 210,000 FBU for Health Sciences and 150,000 FBU for Administration and Management; those with an average of between 50 and 59% will pay 75% of the fees. Those in the Health Sciences will pay only 315,000 FBU, and Administration and Management 225,000 FBU. Only, all New Students will pay the registration fees which amount to 30,000 Burundian francs and they will have to agree to start and finish the Baccalaureate Cycle at the University of Mwaro. Other measures are being taken to improve the reputation of our University. This is a boon that clairvoyant laureates should not miss. We look forward to many Newcomers this year.


The Paramedical Sciences and Techniques Faculty is the oldest at the University of Mwaro; it opened at the same time as the Universty. At first, we wanted to train Senior Nurses, jack of all trades. In our country, the Laureates had no problems with professional integration. But in Rwanda and in English-speaking countries, confusion still hangs over their professional status, despite the skills recognized by hiring institutions. We had growls. Thus, they are not recognized by the different Orders of Nurses. Elsewhere, they are called « Clinical Officers ». In what to be frustrated! The idea of ​​being recognized then trotted in the heads of some and little by little, an idea to meet in association ended up being shared. It did not take long to materialize: in the blink of an eye, statutes, governing bodies were set up and members are found in Burundi, Rwanda and elsewhere. Ms. Colombe BIZUMUREMYI, Director of Quality Insurance at the University of Mwaro, was elected President of this association. She granted me an interview. Objectives: (i) Gain recognition in the EAC, (ii) Create a national order which must adhere to the order of the EAC. Congratulations to Madam Colombe and all success to the Association.