Newsletter 121


The JAMAA association has made it its workhorse among Student youth. Funded by the French Embassy in Burundi, this Nonprofit Organization (ASBL) organizes waves of training on Women’s Rights at various Universities Countrywide. Thus, from October 31 to November 1, 2019, some Universities met around Two Themes namely Communication Techniques and Sexuality and Gender. The exchange framework is a promotional program for the Respect and Defense of Women’s Rights. These Universities were the Lumière University of Bujumbura,  Espoir d’Afrique University, Bujumbura International University, Grands Lacs University, Polytechnique University of Gitega, and the University of Mwaro. The University of Mwaro was represented by 3 Students including two girls and one boy, accompanied by a coach, Mr. Jean Bosco NIZIGIYIMANA, in charge of teachers and teaching at our University. During our interview, the latter confirmed to me the interest of this kind of meetings. « It is a Framework for Exchanges and Debates sufficiently enriching and that contributes in a substantial way to the Open-mindedness of young academics », he told me. Very soon, a competition on Women’s Rights will take place in Ngozi Province and Clubs on Women’s Rights will be set up in different Universities, the vision being that Women take an active part in all Sectors of life within our society


As of October 04, 2019, the interim Rector of the University of Mwaro gave the Regional Supervisor of Schools under Catholic agreement a lot of 15 computers. The latter is the current Parish Priest of Kibumbu. The Maintenance IT Technical School of SASWE received 11 computers, the Fundamental Schools of Kibumbu I, II, III and IV had 1 computer each. The University of Mwaro had already donated a computer to the Communal Lycée of Kayokwe. In the near future, another lot of 15 computers will be donated to other nearby Schools to serve as teaching materials, especially for those learning Maintenance Computer science. Randomly when we met, the Parish Priest of Kibumbu told me bluntly that the donated computers serve the Schools that benefited from them. It is therefore without comment that the few lines are not intended to bring to the pinnacle ex nihilo our beloved University. Far from it. Rather, they serve to show that seemingly unimportant objects can be useful, especially for the training of young people. So much the better.