Newletter 2019

This month’s Newsletter is entirely devoted to the evaluation of the Newsletter itself, as a whole. In fact, Father Liboire KAGABO, the Legal Representative launched a Questionnaire two months ago, to give advice and considerations of how to improve the functioning of the University. For the first month, only one person gave his opinion, Mr. Gaspard NIRAGIRA. An extension of one month was granted and three people added: Mr. Sylvère KABWA, Madam Perpétue MIGANDA, and Mr. Olympe NIRAGIRA. In all, four people. Unfortunately, we were unable to open Olympe NIRAGIRA’s document. We have collected and analyzed the Questionnaires that have been completed and in this issue, we share ideas, new features to introduce and improvements to make. We take this opportunity to thank all those who have deigned to answer the Questionnaire.

In brief,

  • The Newsletter is sent and received regularly. It is even read voluntarily. It provides information on the University’s situation: Academic activities (Courses and Students Success Rate), Cultural and Sports activities; Visits and Meetings with authorities; pending and as well as in-sight Projects.
  • The format is appreciable and the Newsletter is concise with a lot of information.

What about the proposals? The people who answered the Questionnaire provided us with very relevant proposals. Here is the content in these few lines.

For the Success rates of our Students,

  • It would be interesting to expand the figures by giving the reasons for these Success Rates and for low Rate cases, talk about the Educational Strategies envisaged to raise them.
  • For Group Discussion MwaroUnet,

– Launch monthly topics in debates to give members a space for expression;

– The group should be more active

In general,   

– Include interviews with people: Teachers, Students, Staff, MwaroUnetians, Civil servants, Ordinary people, etc.

– Include information on living conditions in the Communes of Mwaro;

– Put more and more photos that illustrate the Activities;

– Make known people who have excelled in a very specific field (Academic, Art, Culture, Sports, etc.), and thus dedicate certain Campus infrastructures to these illustrious personalities;

– Provide two special issues per year, larger, to praise the people of the region known for their outstanding bravery, in connection with our training courses;

– Find partnerships with foreign Universities;

– That the University shines in its zone, especially by Theater in Kirundi;

– Rejuvenate the Board of Directors to give it new blood and reinvigorate it. The proposal is precise: 2 people aged 55 and over, 2 others between 45 and 55, the rest with less than 45 years. The criterion of choice is that these people are interested in our University.